Enjoying The Pluralism in SINGKAWANG Photo Exhibition – JADE Of EQUATOR

It was cloudy Saturday when I went to Galeri Salihara at Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Since a week ago there is a Photo Exhibition named SINGKAWANG photo Exhibition – JADE Of EQUATOR. The first question when I heard about this photo exhibition is are they gonna show photos of Singkawang people?? Or what?? What makes Singkawang into a jade of Equator which is mean Indonesia (Indonesia passed by the equator line, you at least ever heard about that, don’t you?) , In bahasa, Jade means Giok.

Festival SINGKAWANG travel guide. I got it after filling the guest book

Flags - Symbol of Greatness

Arrived at Salihara I saw many flags, and it’s not ordinary flags. If you ever watched Chinese colossal movie, if there are any war scene you gonna see some soldier hold colorful flag with Chinese font on it, yup, I saw that kind of flags at Salihara. Not only those flags, I also saw distinctive Tionghoa red lantern. Where’s the exhibition? It was in second floor.

The symbol of Greatness in some corner

Red lantern

After fill the guest book, I’m in and found about 20 photos (I’m not really sure about how much it was, because I didn’t count it). So, the photo exhibition present photograph of Singkawang in various angles, especially it’s richness of art and culture which is being the charm of Singkawang itself. Eight professional famous photographer made those photos. They are Jay Subyakto, Yori Antar, Enrico Soekarno, Sigi Wimala, John Suryaatmadja, Sjaiful Boen, Asfarinal St. Rumah Gadang, and Oscar Motulloh.

Singkawang is a small town area of 50,400 hectares with a distance of approximately 147 kilometers from the provincial capital of West Kalimantan, Pontianak. Singkawang name has become a popular worldwide, one of them through a very unique festival, called Cap Go Meh Singkawang Festival. This Festival is a representation of a mixture of rituals, culture, and art from the Chinese ethnics which is acculturated with Dayak and Malay.

Through photos in this exhibition we can see some people dressed like the Chinese royal kingdom costume. People mean not only the old one, but also the young one, including the kid. In the center of the exhibition room there was two Chinese chairs and some Chinese weapon. Like i told you, It just like in colossal Chinese movie, folks.

Centre of Exhibition Room

Still, centre of the room

Some photos show to us “Tatung”. Tatung is someone who has a particular gift of supernatural power. They would line up on the streets of the city on the highlight of this festival, casting away evil spirits by demonstrating invisible forces, down to the magnificent and solemn offering aisle. I will make it simple, they stuck a sharp objects into their bodies and they still fine.

Tatung's Parade by Jay Subyakto, Yori Antar, Enrico Soekarno, Sigi Wimala, John Suryaatmadja, dan Sjaiful Boen (Photo by http://www.wanitaperkasa.blogspot.com)

SINGKAWANG Photo exhibition reminds me about existence of pluralism in my country, Indonesia. Pluralism has “something” to feel, to be understand, has “something” to enjoy. How can I’m not proud, realizing my country has variety of unique beauty?!

This SINGKAWANG photo exhibition will be held also in Stadion Kridasana, Singkawang, Kalimantan Barat on Februari 13th – 27th 2010.

See ya Salihara! (Photo by http://www.wanitaperkasa.blogspot.com)

My little sister also made a post about this exhibition. You can read it here! ^_^


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