Working Under Jembatan Ampera

Hello friends
I in Palembang, South Sumatra when i’m making this post right now. I am here in order to work. There’s the National Press Day (HPN) and my office took part in the exhibition which will be held until February 10, 2010.

Five days I will be here, and this is the second day. Oh ya, today is Saturday night. Me and Mrs. Rinda choose to rest in the hotel room after all day stayed at the exhibition location.

Peringatan HPN – Hari Pers Nasional 2010

Jembatan Ampera - Ampera Bridge

Location of the show itself is under Jembatan Ampera, near the famous Musi River. This afternoon I eat near by Musi river. The menu is grilled chicken fried rice. The taste was different from the usual fried rice that I met in Jakarta. Even so, I rate it’s still good.

Musi River

Floating Restaurants

Food carts

Food cart row

“Dining table”

When going back to the hotel. I took some pictures of Jembatan Ampera at the time the sun was down. Colorful lamp make Jembatan Ampera look more lovely and lively.

Jembatan Ampera at Nite

Colorful lights on Jembatan Ampera


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