SNAPWORDS! – Chocolate

Hot chocolate with cinnamon is great. Love it. Hot chocolate with donut, cup cakes, chess cakes, Hummm… it would be very nice. And Hot chocolate with friends, best friends, lover, lovely sister (can be brother), or family, it’s a blessing!


Shall We Have Some Chocolate?


After some posts about the money machine a.k.a ATM, let’s talk about something else, folks. Oh ya, pardon, have you check your account today? Hihihi. Sorry, I’m kidding.

It’s Sunday afternoon when I’m writing this post. Well I suddenly imagine a

Cocoa, the origin of chocolate

cup of hot chocolate (Because I’m at home right now, don’t have any hot chocolate either, so I just made a glass of hot chocolate milk). I like chocolate and I love hot chocolate. Since few years ago, one of my best friend and me has something maybe we can call it as hot chocolate ritual. Hahahaha. Yup, we do falling in love with hot chocolate. Our Favorite place to do the ritual is Dunkin Donut near by Pondok Gede Mall. Or sometimes we also go to J’CO at Pondok Gede Mall. That place not so far from our house.

Classic Hot Chocolate

When I go to a restaurant or café I will loved to try if they put hot chocolate in their menu. Umm.. When I was a child my parents didn’t allowed me to eat chocolate. Another sickness in me cause shortness of breath if I eat chocolate (any kind of it). I have bronchitis, so when I eat chocolate it will be sticky and stuck in the throat channel or channels into my lungs. Not only chocolate to be honest. I didn’t allowed enjoying ice cream either. Until I’m in senior high school, I don’t know why but my body began to accept chocolate and ice cream.

Chocolate Bar

Chocolate is produced from cocoa (Theobroma cacao) is expected to grow initially in the northern Amazon region to Central America. Maybe up to Chiapas, the southernmost part of Mexico. The first civilizations inhabiting the Meso-American region was known tree “kakawa” whose fruits are consumed as a beverage xocolātl meaning bitter drink. According to them, this beverage should be consumed every day, for some reason. However, chocolate also seems to be a symbol of prosperity.

Do u like this, dear reader?

How to present it was not arbitrary. By holding a liquid container is at chest height and poured into another container on the ground, the expert presenters can create thick foam, part of what makes the drink so valuable. This foam is produced by the cocoa fat (cocoa butter) but sometimes also added extra foam.

Some others said hot chocolate might have enjoyed since 3000 years ago. Communities in Central America that became its pioneers. This can be traced from the ancient pottery-pottery found in the Ulua Valley, northern Honduras. Nuance slightly bitter taste and benefits of cocoa beans has made raw materials remain in European cuisine. Seeds, with the incomparable taste, has conquered the pastry shops, candy, and chocolate for the whole world. Most prominent in consuming chocolate comes from the Spanish people, which sweeten the chocolate drink with sugar cane.

The unique thing about chocolate in my eyes, it was made people confused is this beverage or food? Church of the nobles in Catholic circles deliberately to consider whether chocolate is a beverage or food – related considerations fasting restrictions – and if taking consideration would violate the law. According to the Jesuits who trade in these commodities forward, chocolate is a beverage, which means to drink, and not a food. While the opposing parties argue that chocolate is too nutritious if considered as a beverage.

Hummm... it's look delicious, isn't it?

Well folks, for me, I’ll make it simple. If I get chocolate bar or solid chocolate I’ll say I do eat chocolate. But when I get liquid chocolate like hot chocolate or cold chocolate, so I’ll say I do drink chocolate. As simple as that.

Chocolate cakes!

Okay. Don’t forget about the health side. This is the fact. Because of the high sugar content, chocolate candy bars contain a high energy, and consume it to excess can lead to being overweight and increased tooth decay. But the content of theobromine (an alkaloid compounds that are mild stimulant) and caffeine in chocolate stimulates the central nervous system and blood vessels. This is why chocolate has the ability to eliminate fatigue and

I want this one either

exhaustion, pushed the production of digestive system enzymes, and urinary tract smooth.

Two other substances contained in chocolate-anadamid and phenylehtylamin, which is also in the pot and morpin-affecting brain centers associated with feelings of pleasure. There is no reason to worry about addiction, because the amount is very little substance to cause euphoria (a sense of excitement and happiness that excessive).

Want some?

Many studies have shown that eating chocolate can lower cholesterol unhook even between good and bad cholesterol (LDL and HDL), especially HDL. The percentage of cocoa in a chocolate bar higher, the greater influence, because it was dark chocolate (dark chocolate) is a better option (dark chocolate is also a powerful antioxidant).

Hot chocolate with cinnamon is just… great. Love it. Hot chocolate with donut, cup cakes, chess cakes, Hummm… it would be very nice. And Hot chocolate with friends, best friends, lover, or lovely sister (or brother) it’s a blessing 😉 Time to grateful.

Hmm.. I’ll have my hot chocolate tomorrow maybe. Wanna join with me, folks?

Wanna enjoy it with me, friends?

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