From AMI Awards 2010 – AgNEZmo Keep Glowing, Keep Glowing AgNEZmo!

Last night, when I was returning from work, I took myself to see AMI Awards 2010 on television.

Agnes Monica won three awards in the music awards ceremony given by Yayasan Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) for musicians in the music recording industry of Indonesia. There are Best Female Solo Artist and Best Album pop field for the same category as well as Best Album for the public sector. She’s glowing, people.

Agnes Monica (

Having the full name Agnes Monica Muljoto, was born in Jakarta, July 1st, 1986, Agnes started her career at the age of six as a singer and has released three albums of children, namely Si miao, Yess and Bala-bala. Those albums was successfully put Agnes Monica into children’s most popular singers in the late 1990s.

The age of 15 years, Agnes began to plunge into the world of acting by starring in Sinetron ‘Pernikahan Dini’. I looked at it as a transition period of Agnes of young artists becomes an artist (non-child). She has her talent as an actress, ladies and gentlemen. Want some proof? Agnes become the most favorite actress in Panasonic Awards in 2001, 2002, 2003, and SCTV Awards 2004 as “Aktris Ngetop”.

Agnes not only reaches for AMI awards for this year. Recorded in 2004 and 2006 Agnes has also won awards in this most prestigious event in the music of Indonesia. In addition to AMI, of course there are still many awards has been achieved by Agnes.

Not only that, in the year 2007, Agnes was appointed by the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Administration) and IDEC Far East Region as an anti-drug ambassador of the Asia. Oh yes, do not forget it, Agnes is also the ambassador of MTV exit to fight human trafficking.

Back to AMI Awards last night. Agnes wore beautiful batik dress. I’m guessing that’s one of product from her clothing line, which is named as “ANYE”.

Agnes, I do not know her personally. But, I adore her. She’s not only someone who believes in the power of dream. More than that, she knows what she’s doing. She realizes the consequences. Like she said in her official website: “I would never let myself regret for who I will be because what I did in the past. This is my time. This ‘now’ will Be My ‘past’ in the future.”

in Indonesian Idol

What she’s doing right now is not just about her job, not just about working, she’s doing her passion. She is also a hard worker. Dreams must be realized by working hard with still using the heart. Various issues and contradictions about her can’t make Agnes Monica stop her steps.

Her Lord is everything to her. In all her success Agnes always referred to God as the main and first. Although a Christian, Agnes never underestimates people who embrace different religion with her.

Today I open her official website, little bit stunned because the kind of flash banners with photos of a man holding a Palestinian flag appears. Nez logo also adorned the photograph. It turns out Flash banners will be displayed every time someone opens the website. In my eyes its mean Agnes Also the one who condemn Israeli heinous attack. Nice, Agnes.

People, I’m sure you already know about some porn videos circulating lately. Videos involving famous Indonesian artists. During these time, those artists trying to make a good image of them selves. Among them there are even becoming ambassador in one of the world’s humanitarian agencies, and the video has destroy all good image they’ve built.

I personally would not judge them in such a manner. Crime and sin are two different things. Let this be their problem with God. Too bad because people prefer to make a fuss of sin rather than crime. Humans like to get involve of the Lord’s work with judge others in terms of sin. Nevertheless, their appearance in the video was not made consciously to do immoral in front of a crowd. If you like judging who is wrong, in my opinion the answer is precisely the spreader of the video.

I had talked to some friends and my little sister, whether the image Agnes one day be destroyed by such ways? They have the same answer, “I do not think so. She’s smart and has a strong faith. “Well, I think the same. I hope Agnes will always be safe from some kind of Those Things. But, remember folks, devil keep doing their mission, right?!

Agnes at AMI 2010

I love to see Agnes when she’s being one of judges Indonesian Idol 2010. The way she gives comments i think is so cool. She’s trying to tell the good and bad sides from each contestant in a balance way. She’s trying not to make them shock, but encourage them to be better.

Indonesia should be proud to have ‘the one and only’ Agnes Monica who can inspire many young Indonesian people about dreams and life, how to make your dream be real. And after all, well done Agnes! Keep glowing, Keep on going and make our nation more proud of you!

I have to get to work, folks. See you!

Sorry if there are any errors in grammar